The Victorian Backgammon Association and its affiliates often run Backgammon tournaments. Below is information of the tournaments regularly on offer.

Victorian Online Open 2020

The Victorian Backgammon Association’s Online Open 2020 tournament starts on 9th November 2020. Entries close on 6th November, draw to be announced on 8th November. Play opponents from all around the country online.

See all the details and enter today!

Regular Tournaments

  • There is always a regular tournament available to enter
  • Regular tournaments consist of four rounds
  • First round matches are played to 5 points (for online play, to 7 points)
  • Second and third round matches are played to 7 points
  • The fourth round, the final, is played to 9 points
  • The doubling cube and Crawford rule are used
  • If you lose a match, you can always “rebuy” into the same tournament if spots are available, or just enter another tournament. Rebuys are free
  • Tournaments may not complete on the same night they begin. Come back next week and play on!
  • Match results go into the national ratings system. Find out how you compare to other players in Australia. Track your improvement on the Australian Backgammon Federation website.

Quarterly Tournaments

Note quarterly tournaments are currently not being run due to pandemic restrictions.

  • Sometime each quarter, a special quarterly tournament is run
  • Quarterly tournaments consist of 5 rounds
  • All rounds are 9 point matches
  • The doubling cube and Crawford rule are used
  • Entry fee is $25. Free entries are not available
  • Re-buys are $15
  • Players making it to the quarter-finals win prize money
  • The minimum first place prize payout is $300. How exciting!
  • Match results go into the national ratings system
  • You must abide by any rulings of the tournament directors.