Backgammon Books

Here is a list of what is considered helpful reading for those interested in improving their Backgammon play. Some of these books may be hard to find, but they are more than worth the hunt.

Year Title Author(s)
1970 The Backgammon Book Jacoby & Crawford
1976 Backgammon Paul Magriel
1978 Vision Laughs at Counting Volumes 1 & 2 Danny Kleinman
1982 The Doubling Cube in Backgammon Vol. 1 Jeff Ward
1993 How to Play Tournament Backgammon Kit Woolsey
1996 New Ideas in Backgammon Kit Woolsey & Hal Heinrich
2001 Boards Blots and Double Shots Norm Wiggins & Danny Kleinman
2001 Classic Backgammon Revisited Jeremy Bagai
2001 Modern Backgammon Bill Robertie
2004 Backgammon Boot Camp Walter Trice
2005 Backgammon Praxis – Volumes 1 & 2 Marty Storer
2007 Backgammon to Win Chris Bray
2008 Backgammon Problems Mike Corbett
2011 What’s Your Game Plan? Mary Hickey and Marty Storer
2015 Backgammon – From Basics to Badass Marc Brockman Olsen
2015 Conquering Backgammon Ed Rosenblum
2017 The Backgammon Encyclopaedia Vol 2 Kit Woolsey
2017 Backgammon: Pure Strategy Marc Brockman Olsen
2017 Opening Concepts Michihito Kageyama
2019 Cube Like a Boss Marc Brockman Olsen
2019 Endgame Technique Michihito Kageyama